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Wimpy's BBQ Rub is our signature sweet BBQ rub. I love BBQ but I don't love my BBQ to be too spicy. So I set out to make sure I had a rub that I would be sure to enjoy without hurting my tastebuds. Brown sugar, hungarian paprikia, and many other quality ingredients give this rub flavor and depth. The brown sugar helps give ribs and pork shoulder a nice bark when smoked. As a kid, I was nicknamed "Wimpy" by my parents because I used to repeat the jingle from a certain garbage bag company all the time. So for those two reasons, we named it Wimpy's.

Wimpy's BBQ Rub

SKU: WimpyOrigMed
Heat Level
  • Brown Sugar(Sugar, Molasses), Paprika, Sea Salt, Granulated Garlic, Granulated Onion, Spices, Thyme, Basil, and Oregano.


    Spicy and Inferno versions have the addition of Cayenne Pepper.

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